Highbanker & Sluice Leg Kit (Pimp My Sluice)

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This DIY ANGLED Highbanker and Sluice Box Leg Kit. The front two legs are ANGLED forward for greater stability! Comes with two ANGLED legs (Right and Left) and TWO STRAIGHT Legs for the rear of your box. Awesome leg kit for the do it yourself sluice box or high banker builders out there! Just bolt these legs on and your good to get out there mining! Brackets, Knobs, Feet and End Caps are all made from high quality 3D Printed material that is not only light but very strong.

Aluminum legs are 24 inches long.

All hardware is grade 8 nuts and bolts.

Made by miners for miners! We use these leg kits on our own equipment and abuse the heck out of them to test the durability!

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